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《如有阻塞》鐵牌製品 "If Blocked, Please call" Sign


""適合任何車主,可用白板筆或油性筆在牌上填上資料, 也可客製貼上電話號碼,請在選項中選要我們幫你貼上或是不需要。 如需加客製號碼請在選項選 客製電話號碼。"" 商品編號: ArtIP_015 富有香港特色的家居擺設鐵牌 , 全部由本店設計師設計,小巧精緻, 既可點綴居所及辦公室。亦可提升文藝氣息 獨特的香港文化, 讓您會心微笑。 ■材質 / 100% 鋅鐵材 ■尺寸 / 長30.7cm,寬15.5cm ■重量 / ~ 150g 以內 ※對象年齢9 歳以上 ● 全系列共43款, 香港設計及包裝 (中國製) * 材質具有防鏽效果 ,潮濕環境亦可擺放 * 鐵牌 表面為 仿造 舊效果 皆為全新品 。""Suitable for any car owner, you can use a whiteboard marker or oil-based pen to fill in the information You can also paste the phone number on your own. Please choose whether we want to paste it for you or not. If you need to add a customized number, please select a customized phone number in the option. "" Product Number: ArtIP_015 The iron plates of home furnishings with Hong Kong characteristics are all designed by our designers, small and exquisite, Can be used to decorate homes and offices. Can also enhance the literary atmosphere The unique Hong Kong culture makes you know how to smile. ■Material / 100% zinc iron ■Size / Length 30.7cm, Width 15.5cm ■Weight / ~ 150g or less ※The target year is 9 years old and above ● There are 43 models in the whole series, Hong Kong Design and Packaging (Made in China) *The material has anti-rust effect and can be placed in humid environment *The surface of the iron brand is imitation of the old effect, all of which are brand new.

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鐵皮工作室 IronWorkshopHK recommends delivery via 順豐到付(送貨上門)SF Home Delivery

Delivery: 1-2 working days

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