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香港山徑地圖 V2  - 鐵盒裝 photo


香港山徑地圖 V2 - 鐵盒裝 HONG KONG HIKING TRIAL MAP V2 - Boxset


香港山徑地圖 V2 2022 設計 尺寸: 100 x 50cm 材質: 100 %Nylon (聚酯纖維) 獨立鐵盒包裝 總重: 129 克 ================== 放眼世界,不如活在眼前 Living in the present ================== 多謝大家支持,香港山徑地圖已經推出 第 2 版 完整收錄了香港四條著名遠足山徑及各分段資料 ,包括 - 衛奕信徑( WILSON TRAIL ) - 麥理浩徑 ( MACLEHOSE TRAIL ) - 鳳凰徑 ( LANTAU TRAIL ) - 港島徑 ( HONG KONG TRAIL ) 方便各位喜愛遠足朋友掛於家中籌備下次行山旅程。 在第 2 版 製作上圖案細節會更加清晰,以黃色為主調 ,除了更顯眼奪目外,更加入插畫令整幅地圖美觀與實用性兼備。這個別樹一格的地圖掛布系列,將會成為你家中不可或缺的一部份。Size: 100 x 50 cm Material : 100% nylon 2022 Hong Kong-designed Uniquely designed map in rich Hong Kong style Each set contains a postcard and is packed in an iron box Total weight: 129g --- Thank you for your support, the Hong Kong Hiking trail map has been released version 2. This time in -Hong Kong Hiking Trail Map-   Base on the original design,We added  -WILSON TRAIL- into the Map. A complete collection of four famous hiking trails in Hong Kong and each section of information, including -Maclehose Trial -Phoenix Trail (Lantau Trail) -Hong Kong Trail It is convenient for all friends who love hiking to hang out at home to prepare for the next hiking trip. In the second edition, the patterns and details will be more clear, With yellow as the main tone, in addition to being more eye-catching, illustrations have also been added to make the entire map both beautiful and practical. This unique series of map hangings will become an indispensable part of your home.

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